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BY-LAW No. 1

A By-law relating generally to the conduct of the affairs of the NIAGARA PENINSULA AMATEUR RADIO CLUB, INCORPORATED.



The head office of the corporation shall be in the City of St. Catharines, in the Province of Ontario.

2.     SEAL

The seal, an impression of which is stamped in the margin, shall be the seal of the club.


The following shall be the objectives of the Club in addition to those objectives set forth in the Letters Patent:

a)       to guard and further the continuance of amateur radio operating privileges and frequencies by close co-operation with all radio amateurs, their respective societies and authorities;

b)       to foster international goodwill and the growth of amateur radio in emerging nations;

c)       to acquaint interested persons with the rewarding pleasures of amateur radio and to lend assistance to them;

d)       to encourage intelligent use of the allocated amateur radio frequencies;

e)       to give all possible assistance in solving problems affecting the operation of amateur radio stations;

f)        to train members of the club for emergency and disaster communications and to keep equipment ready and available for such events. This includes integrating such training and cooperation with the local Amateur Radio Emergency Services (ARES), the Niagara ARES Emergency Coordinator and others as required.

g)       to demonstrate by participation in public service events the Club's ability to provide a service to community members.


a)       Classes of Membership - There shall be five (5) classes of membership as follows:

i)        Life Membership - Upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee and the approval of such recommendation by a meeting of members, a life membership may be awarded to an individual who is a licensed radio amateur and has been continuously active and interested in amateur radio activities in the Club. A life member shall have the same privileges as a full member;

ii)   Full Membership - A full membership is available to individuals holding a valid certificate of proficiency in radio issued by the Industry Canada or its successor agency;

iii)   Family Membership - Family Membership is available to any amateur and his or her spouse and all dependants under the age of twenty-one years. Licensed amateurs under a family membership shall have the privileges of full membership;

iv)  Associate Membership - Associate Membership is available to individuals who are not fully licensed amateur radio operators but who show a genuine interest in amateur radio. Associate Membership is also available to licensed amateur radio operators who are not residents of the Regional Municipality of Niagara and who are unable to attend regular monthly meetings of the Club;

v)  Honourary Membership - Upon the recommendation of the Executive Committee and approval by a meeting of members, Honourary membership may be awarded to individuals who have provided active support to the club or to amateur radio activities. Honourary members may attend club meetings but shall have no other club privileges.

b)      Duties of Members - It shall be the duty of all members of the Club to comply with the by-laws of the Club and the laws of Canada pertaining to amateur radio.

c)       Loss of Membership

                         i)             Any member may be expelled from the Club for violation of any Club rule or the trusts of the Club;

                       ii)            Expulsion proceedings shall be commenced by petition, in writing, signed by ten or more Full Members or Life Members and the petition shall state the reason for considering the expulsion of the member accused. The petition shall be delivered to the President of the Club;

                     iii)            The President shall call a meeting of the Executive of the Club to consider the charge and shall notify the member charged at least 30 days prior to the Executive meeting;

                      iv)            The member charged shall have an opportunity to answer the charge in writing and may appear at the Executive meeting to present a defense;

                       v)             After giving the member charged full opportunity of defense, the Executive shall decide, by secret ballot, whether or not to recommend the expulsion of the charged member to a meeting of members and the President shall advise the charged member of the decision of the Executive;

                      vi)            The decision of the Executive shall be presented to the membership at the next general meeting and the membership may, by secret ballot, confirm or reject the recommendation of the Executive but only after hearing all of the evidence and affording the charged member every opportunity of defense.

d)       Dues - Each member shall pay membership fees in amounts and at times as prescribed by resolution. No dues are payable by Life Members or Honourary Members. Full membership dues are not paid by Amateur Radio Candidates for the remainder of the membership year in which they successfully pass their examination and receive their call sign., provided they are instructed through the Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club, Inc.  Membership fees or dues shall not be prorated.

Note: An Amateur Radio Candidate is a person not licensed to operate in Canada and who is studying through instruction in a Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club, Inc. class to obtain their license and call sign.

e)       Membership Year - The membership year shall run for a period of 12 consecutive months from September 1st to August 31st of the next year and club members shall enjoy all their respective rights, privileges and obligations for that period.

f)        Diversity Statement – We the members of the Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club, Incorporated welcome all people equally.  We will not tolerate discrimination and/or harassment on the basis of race, faith, religion, creed, colour, ancestry, place of origin, ethnic origin, sex, age, marital status, family status, citizenship, sexual orientation, gender identity or handicap.


The day-to-day affairs of the club shall be managed by an Executive Committee consisting of voting and non-voting members.  The voting members shall be the elected Directors and the Immediate Past President. The non-voting members shall be the various officials, coordinators and committee managers who are, subject to the approval of the membership, appointed by and serve at the pleasure of the President.

A quorum for Executive meetings will be 50%+1 of the voting members.


 Directors shall serve a term of one (1) year beginning the first day of the membership year after their election. The elections  shall take place annually at a General Meeting of the members held in the month of June. Only Life and Full Members in good standing may be elected to the Executive.  Nomination for the Executive shall be opened at the April meeting of members and a list of candidates shall be published in the May bulletin of the Club.  In the event of a vacancy in the Executive an election shall be held at the next General Meeting to fill the vacancy for the balance of the term.  All voting for the election of the Executive or to fill a vacancy shall be by secret ballot and the vote shall be conducted by the manager of the Nominating Committee.


7.1 There shall be four (4) elected Directors as follows:

a)       President - The President shall be the spokesman for the club. The President shall preside over all executive meetings and meetings of members. The President shall be a member ex-officio of all committees;

b)       Vice-President - The Vice-President shall perform all duties assigned by the President and, in the absence of the President, shall perform all the duties of the President. The Vice-President shall, excluding repeater equipment, maintain or oversee the maintenance of a current directory of non-monetary assets and shall be accountable to the membership for this listing of assets but not for the actual assets listed;

c)       Secretary - The Secretary shall record and preserve minutes of all meetings of members and meetings of the executive. The Secretary shall, under the guidance of the Executive, carry out all correspondence of the club;

d)       Treasurer - The Treasurer shall record all financial transactions of the club and shall prepare an audited financial statement for presentation at the meeting of members held in the month of November;

          7.2 Co-ordinators & Managers may be appointed but not limited to;

a)       Bulletin Editor - The Bulletin Editor shall be responsible for the production and distribution of the club bulletin. The Bulletin Editor shall send a copy of the bulletin to each club member entitled to receive it;

b)       Public Relations Officer - The Public Relations officer shall be responsible for promoting the Club's activities in the media and for bringing these activities to the attention of the public and he shall be responsible for promotion of the Club at local amateur radio classes.

c)       Repeater Committee Manager - With the assistance of the members of the Repeater Committee, shall oversee the function of the committee which is to properly and legally operate and maintain the Club’s repeater equipment for the benefit of and use by Club members and, as Club policy may permit, amateur radio operators in general. Also, this manager shall maintain, or oversee the maintenance of, a current directory of repeater equipment and shall be accountable to the membership for this listing of repeater equipment but not for the actual equipment listed.

          7.3 Niagara ARES Emergency Coordinator

               If the Emergency Coordinator is a Full Member of the Club they will become an ex officio member of the Executive.


Any member of the executive may be removed from office at any time by a ballot conducted at a meeting of members.


a)       Notice - A notice of a meeting of members shall be sent by electronic or ordinary mail to each member and the notice shall state the date, the time and the place of the meeting. The accidental omission to give notice of any meeting or the non-receipt of any notice by any member shall not invalidate any business transacted at any meeting;

b)       Voting at Meetings - Every question at any meeting of members shall be decided by a majority of votes and in the case of a tie, the presiding member shall have a casting vote. In the absence of the President and the Vice-President, the members may choose any Full Member or Life Member present to act as  President pro tem. Only Full Members and Life Members shall have the right to vote at meetings of members. Voting by written proxy shall be permitted but the proxy vote shall not exceed five per cent of voting members;

c)       Meetings Generally - Regular meetings shall be held monthly from September to June. An annual meeting shall be held during the month of June at which time reports of the Directors and Committee Co-ordinators shall be received. A quorum for a meeting of members shall consist of twenty (20) percent of the voting members. The  regular business of the Club may be published in the monthly bulletin or at the members meeting. The order of business at a General Meeting will be at the discretion of the President.

d)       Meeting Conduct - All meetings of membersexecutive, committee and general, shall be conducted using parliamentary procedure.


All committees, except the Nominating Committee, shall consist of the President, a Manager appointed by the President and such other persons as may be selected by the Manager. The Nominating Committee shall be selected by a vote of members at the General Meeting held in the month of April in the election year. An Associate Member may serve on any committee except the Nominating Committee.


a)       Ordinary monthly operating expenditures not exceeding a total of $150.00 per month may be authorized by the President or the Vice-President and the Treasurer or the Secretary. In addition to ordinary monthly expenditures of the Club there shall be available to the Treasurer the sum of $500.00 for extraordinary expenditures. Extraordinary expenditures not exceeding $500.00 shall be approved by the President and the Treasurer. Any other expenditure must be approved by a General Meeting of members;

b)       At the September Membership Meeting the Executive shall present the membership, for approval, a financial operating budget for the Club for the current fiscal year;

c)       The budget will consist of an income and expenditure projection and a balance sheet. The budget will include an account for the repair and maintenance of club assets;

d)       Any expenditures not in the budget must be approved by the membership at a General Meeting;

e)       Signing authority shall be two of the following executives: President, Vice-President, Secretary, or Treasurer;

f)        In the event of a death of a member in good standing of NPARC, the Executive, on behalf of the Club will make a donation of $50.00 to a charity chosen by the deceased member’s family.


A proposal to amend the by-laws must be made in writing, including electronic mail, and shall be delivered, or E-mailed, to the Secretary. The proposal for change shall be presented at the next meeting of members and shall be made by way of motion by the member proposing the change. If seconded, the proposal for change may be debated but no vote shall be called until the following meeting of members. Notice of the proposed change shall appear in the club bulletin appearing immediately before the meeting of members at which a vote is to be taken on the proposed change. Amendments to the by-laws shall require a majority of two-thirds of the voting members present at a General Meeting.


Rules governing operation of Club Station(s):

a)       Abide by Government regulations;

b)       When special prefixes are granted, operation must be held to use specified by Government regulations and the executive;

c)       All monies, IRC’s, stamps, etc., received for QSL cards and awards are the property of NPARC Inc.;

d)       All QSL cards will be sent to the NPARC Inc. postal address;

e)       Custodians of club stations must be members in good standing of NPARC Inc.

14. Niagara ARES (Amateur Radio Emergency Service)

a)       The Club recognizes that Niagara ARES draws its members from a common pool of Amateur Radio operators and that events that fall under 3.g), above, may be conducted in the name of either or both entities without prejudice.

b)       The Club may recommend a member, in good standing, to the Southern Ontario Section Emergency Coordinator of  ARES for appointment to the position of Niagara ARES Emergency Coordinator.

2018 General revision draughted by David Jarman VE3RNF Amendment proposed by virtue of Motion adopted at 2018 Feb 08 General Meeting. Amendments passed at the April 12, 2018 General Meeting.