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Field Day 2017 has come and gone. Weather for the duration of the event was excellent. The site at Balls Falls was great as usual. Staff took good care of our needs to prepare the grounds. Nobody reported any ticks .

The original plan was to operate 3A but as the set up progressed we had to make logistical changes. Murphy made a visit, one of our HF radios had to be relegated to the packing box..

We operated 2A for the duration of Field Day.

One station operating 40M CW and one station on 20M and 80M phone.

3 dipoles high in the trees, about 40 feet above ground performed very well. Everyone took their turn at operating at their heart‘s content. Band conditions were generally good.

On CW 628 contacts and 95 QSO on phone were entered in the log.

The claimed score for field Day 2017 was 2702 as registered at ARRL.

The meals this year were catered and delivered to the operating site in a timely manner. Everyone present enjoyed a great picnic, in a country setting. There was enough food for next day’s lunch.  Breakfast was prepared and served in style with a pot of coffee on the side.

The use of a cargo trailer made it easier to move equipment and goods to the operating site and set up the operating stations in a weatherproof environment.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the 19 individuals who took the time to come to the event and participate in the activities. Many brought personal items that made life comfortable. Items that ranged from travel trailer, motor home to portable stoves; camp chairs to serving utensils; coolers and ice. Others brought antennas, coaxes, generators, cans of gas. All these contributions made the weekend a memorable success.

I am especially grateful to those who entrusted me with their operating equipment for the weekend.

73. Have a great summer.

Henry VA3OV

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