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Field Day 2015

Balls Falls Conservation Area

Saturday, June 27th & Sunday, June 28th, 2015

How to describe this years Field Day? Where do I begin with this story? (Shaking head)

As your newbie 2015 Field Day Coordinator, I must say it was an adventure to pull this together. Right now I MUST give a great big THANK YOU to Peter, VA3WET, for all his invaluable help with the planning of this club event. I couldn’t have done it without him. Thank you!

And now on to the horror story. Why is it a horror story you may ask? The short answer is the weather that we had for the weekend. Three tornadoes, 2 hurricanes, sleet, hail. Seriously though, we got hit with some good rain and pretty cold temperatures. Thank you to all those that showed up and helped with the setup. The weather really put a damper on the final number of stations that we had on the air. The final total allowed us to enter under a 3A classification. We had 40m CW, 80m Phone, and 20m Phone that staked out a chunk of land and got on the air.

Our 40m CW station was under the confident control of Richard, VE3MM, Kevin, VE3RCN and Joe, VE3BW. From what I recall, they almost didn’t get on the air but Joe came to the rescue with a small trailer that became the radio room. As such, I hereby dub these three brave men, NPARC’s “3 Sardines”. Just joking guys! Thanks again for holding down the trailer and the 40m CW station.

On to the 80m Phone station. Rick, VE3ROC… What can I say? Another die hard stuck it out in his car. Thank you Rick!

And for the final station, 20m Phone. My team and I were the first on site. We staked our claim and began setup. I was constantly watching overhead and checking my trusty weather and radar apps on my phone. Looking all the time to see how this weather was going to pan out. As we are unloading the truck and getting some things setup, the rest of the NPARC Field Day team started showing up. By this time, the weather was changing and not for the better. The drizzles started and shortly after the heavy rain. Luckily my gazebo was setup over my generator and that’s where just about everyone headed to. Oh did I forget to mention that I came in a 17’ U-Haul Truck? Well that soon became the talk of the group and my new radio room. Quickly, things got put back in the back of the truck and my team setup the 20m Phone station inside. What an adventure that was. We got drenched setting up my antenna. To keep this short, we eventually got on the air and provided some hot coffee, food, and some nice heat to those that stuck it out through this mess. Thank you to my diehard team, Rachel B., Rolly G., and Heath M.. Couldn’t have done it without you all!

Now I must say that there is still one more group that needs to be recognized for all that they did and helped with to get the brave three stations on the air. In no particular order, Dennis, VE3XC, David, VE3RNF, Denis, VE3KVE, Garth, VE3HO, Brian, VE3BMX, Peter, VA3WET, Henry, VA3OV, Kevin, VA3KGS, John, VA3DXT, Larry, VA3TLNJohn, VA3BOZ, and Debbie, VA3DSD. 
Once again, THANK YOU to all that took part in this event. 

Kaitlynn Mattatall 
Field Day 2015 Coordinator 

Ps: For more information or for the complete comical story, just ask me.

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