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Field Day 2014 Summary Report

     Due to construction at the Woodend Conservation Area, Field Day
2014 was held at the Ball's Falls Conservation Area near Jordon,
Ontario. We had approximately thirty-five logged participants with
five stations operating and a Get-on-the-air station. The number of
participants was down from last years fifty due to the long weekend
aligning with Field Day. It certainly was not because of the cooking.

     Everyone loved the new location. There was plenty of tall trees
with shade and no physical obstructions. The weekend weather was
absolutely perfect. Go to website to see Field Day
2014 photos by: Kevin, Va3kgs; John, Va3boz and Denis, Ve3kve.

     This year we were 5A and brought in 6128 points. Five alpha means
five stations on emergency power ie. gasoline generators. Not a bad
score at all. The 40 meter CW station carried us. They had some
serious DX'ers. Last year we were 8A and made 7394 points. In 2012 we
made 4909 points as 7A.  We would have been 6A this year but I did not
receive Frank's message early Saturday morning saying he would be
late. Therefore I changed our designation at the last minute from
6A-ONS to 5A-ONS. When Frank, Ve3nyz arrived he operated on 40 meters
phone and made 51 contacts. I rolled his contacts into the 80 meter
phone station. Technically, the 40 meter phone station was not
operating at the same time as the 80 meter phone station. Nudge,
nudge, wink, wink.

     Here is a breakdown of our points total sent to the ARRL or
American Radio Relay League. Total CW QSO's - 864, total CW QSO points
- 1728. All were on 40 meters. Total Digital QSO's - 99, total Digital
QSO points - 198. All digital QSO's were on 40 meters. Total Phone
QSO's - 663, total Phone QSO points - 663. Phone QSO's were as
follows: 80 on 15, 206 on 20, 51 on 40, 319 on 80 and 7 at the GOTA

Total QSO Points - 2589.

     Power Multiplier - 2. This means all stations were using less
than 150 watts on emergency power. If all stations were running less
than 5 watts, the multiplier would be 5. There is no multiplier for
using more than 150 watts.

Claimed QSO Score - 5178.

     Total Bonus Points Claimed - 950. This includes 500 points for 5
stations on emergency power, 100 for media publicity, 100 for set-up
in a public place (we stretched this one), 100 for an information
booth with NPARC brochures at the GOTA station, 100 points for having
a Fire Chief visit and operate and 50 points for submitting our score
to the ARRL via the internet.

Total SCORE - 6128.

     I would like to thank Gregg Furtney at the Niagara Peninsula
Conservation Authority for allowing us to use the Ball's Falls
Conservation Area and making Field Day 2014 possible. It was touch and
go for a while.

     Larry, Ve3tln came through again by supplying Honda generators,
gasoline and an Automatic External Defibrillator from the Fort Erie
Fire Department. Thank-you Larry.

     The troops were well fed Saturday evening and Sunday morning by
John, Va3boz and his team Geddie, Ve3cjx; Sheldon, Ve3xi and Oscar,
Ve3pio. Your well stocked coolers of water and soft drinks hit the
spot between meals. Thank-you and three cheers to the Galley.

     Thank-you everyone at the GOTA (Get-on-the-air) station. You
pulled it together at the last minute and from the looks of it,
everyone had a great time. Thank-you David, Ve3rnf; David, Ve3dyd;
Denis, Ve3kve; Roy, Ve3oqp and Lindsy, Ve3xky.

     I would like to thank the following Band Captains for getting their
teams and equipment together: Kevin, Va3kgs on 80 meters with his
delta loop antenna; Frank, Ve3nyz on 40 meters with a G5RV; Rick,
Ve3mm on 40 meters CW with a wire dipole; Kaitlynn, Ve3auo on 20
meters with a vertical and Dennis, Ve3xc on 15 meters phone with a
tower and mini-beam. I was on 40 meters with a Butternut HF6V vertical
operating PSK-31, a digital mode with Larry, Ve3tln. Ron, Ve3ndi a
life member living in Elliot Lake was going to be our 80 meter CW Band
Captain. He cancelled at the last moment due to health issues. Get
well Ron. We will keep your spot for next year.

     Lastly, Thank-you to all the members and guests who chipped in to help
put stations together, to operate, to log contacts and to stick around
for the disassembly and clean-up on Sunday. Your effort will be
recognized at the September meeting. This event could not have been
done without your help and support. I apologize if I have missed
anyone or any group at this writing. Please contact me immediately if
this is the case.

     On Monday July 7th, NPARC presented the Niagara Peninsula
Conservation Authority with a Certificate of Appreciation and a
donation of $100.00 to further their cause. Rob Kuret and Jeff Fazekas
were in attendance at Ball's Falls to receive the cheque and
certificate. To make the presentation were: Henry, Va3ov VP elect;
David, Ve3rnf secretary; Denis, Va3ono photographer and Peter, Va3wet
VP. Denis, va3ono recorded the moment. His photograph and a copy of
the certificate can be viewed on the website on the
Field Day 2014 page.

Peter, VA3WET,
Field Day 2014 Co-ordinator.

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