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Weather was no Match for NPARC Field Day 2013 Participants

Despite the down pour Saturday evening, NPARC Field Day 2013
participants managed to almost double their score from the year
before. A total of 7394 points were made compared to 4909 in 2012. We
had almost 50 logged participants which was also an increase over the
past two years.

The club operated eight stations on emergency power showcasing a
variety of antennas. Radio conditions were not that bad as 10 meters
opened up. Our submitted claimed score to the ARRL was 7394. Total CW
QSO points - 1184; total digital QSO points - 192; total phone points
- 1671;  total QSO points - 3047 with a power multiplier of 2. We had
1300 bonus points, for having 8 stations on emergency power, media
publicity, a setup in a public place, an information booth, a site
visit from an agency official and an nts message.

I would like to thank Darcy Baker at the Niagara Peninsula
Conservation Authority for the use of Woodend Conservation Area. Darcy
was very happy to see the park being used by our group and says we can
use it again for Field Day 2014. NPARC President Kevin, VA3KGS and
myself VA3WET visited the Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority in
Welland and presented Darcy a thank-you certificate and a cheque for
$100.00 as a token of our appreciation.

I would like to thank Oscar, VE3PIO and his team for feeding the
troops again. The variety of food and quality gets better every year.

I would like to thank Larry, VE3TLN for the use of the generators and
for supplying the fuel. The small portable generators worked very well
and stream-lined clean up on Sunday.

I would like to thank the following Band Captains for getting their
teams and equipment together: Kevin, VA3KGS on 80 meters; Rick, VA3WU
on 40 meters; Bob, VE3HNH on 40 meters CW; Kaitlynn, VE3AUO on 20
meters; Doug, VE3JDF on 20 meters PSK-31; Al, VE3ALS on 10 meters,
Dennis, VE3XC on 15 meters phone and Ian, VE3ERL at the GOTA Station
and Information Booth. I was on 40 meters operating PSK-31 with my

Lastly, Thank-you to all the members and guests who chipped in to help
put stations together, to operate, to log contacts and to stick around
for the disassembly and clean-up on Sunday. This event could not have
been done without your help. Thank-you very much.

There were many people walking around with cameras. If you have any
note worthy photos, please forward them to John, VA3BOZ and he will
see they are placed on the NPARC website and into the archives.

Peter, VA3WET,
Field Day 2013 Co-ordinator.

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