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Field Day 2011

Firemen's Park

Niagara Falls, Ontario
Saturday, June 25th & Sunday, June 26th, 2011

Field Day at Firemens' Park in Niagara Falls was a great success. We had two additional stations and ten more participants this year. The weather cooperated nicely and the overlap with the Volkswagon crowd on Sunday brought many curious non-hams into some of the stations for a better look. It was great PR in disguise.

Almost 40 NPARC members that we could count came out to visit and contact fellow Hams from across Canada and North America. Field Day is sponsored by the ARRL or American Radio Relay League and it gets us hams motivated to set up stations in public locations without the luxury of a wall outlet for power. At Firemens' Park there were five gasoline generators humming away and running eight unique stations.


From St. Catharines or Fort Erie, take the Q.E.W. to Niagara Falls and exit at Mountain Road, Exit No.34. Turn east onto Mountain Road and look for Firemen's Park on your left at Dorchester Road. Click the map, below, to view a larger version.

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