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Field Day 2009

Firemen's Park - Niagara Falls, Ontario, CANADA 
Saturday, June 27th & Sunday, June 28th, 2009

Pictures to come soon.

field day 2009 site layout w sb

Update: Monday, June 24

After visiting the site last night I added some info to the on-line map. The smaller squares are tentative station locations. Hover your mouse over them for info. Locations 6 and 8 are not too flexible regarding their location because they will have campers on site . Due to the small gully they should be close to the road / pathway. Station 7 should not be relocated as well . It is the GOTA station / information table and I would like it to be closest to the parking area. Stations 13 and 12 can be moved if necessary. I placed them on the map with good tree access.

I will be at the site on Sat at 8 AM. Hopefully each station will have a 2mtr hand held on site especially if visitors arrive. It will be helpful in tracking down various people. Likely NRS will be used.

If visitors are on-site ,especially media please direct them to myself or Dave Va3UL as we will act as the event spokesmen. As a reminder I will be on-site until 3pm on Saturday returning at midnight due to a wedding I must attend. Va3UL will be incharge while I am gone and I will give him the washroom key.

Aside from having a fun field day our first priority must be personal safety and I hope everyone keeps that in mind especially during setup / tear-down.. I trust everyone will great all visitors in a friendly and inviting manner, hopefully we will generate some interest in the club not only from the general public but also from some NPARC members who may not be regular participants in events.

As for the NPARC provided Sat evening meal / Sun AM breakfast, I will hand out vouchers to the band captains on Sat AM. John Va3BOZ has offered to be be the cook . There will also be a BBQ, coleman stove/ percolator on site for anyone to use.

The updated map is above.

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