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I think it’s safe to say, the 14th Annual Tour for Kids weekend was spectacular and perhaps, the best we’ve seen in a few years.  My goal this year was to bring back the atmosphere and experience of our Waterloo years, I wanted this year’s event to reflect a camper’s experience.  I think we all succeeded!

I think we all know with events, it’s important to expect the unexpected. In this case, I truly feel that everything was executed well and I feel super honoured and thrilled to have been part of the weekend. However, there are always aspects of an event we can and should tweak.  Feel free to send myself or another member of the Foundation a note, we’re happy to hear from you – regardless if it’s good, bad or ugly!

Shout out to Influence who managed volunteers, logistics and all things on site.  Our first year together and we/you survived!  Thanks for listening to my goofy stories, being professional and always having a smile on your face.  I had a blast working with you

Axel and Eliott – OMG, what in the world would I do without you. Elliott you climbed and slithered across a truck to take a photo of us.  Axel you did the dad dance and made us laugh hysterically.  Separate you are two amazingly professional, fun, energetic and talented young men.  Together…well, you’re awesome.  Thanks for sharing your talent with us

ARES – You guys (and Rachel) rock every year.  Ray for some reason you entertained me more this year than previous years.  You keep our riders safe and protected, we clearly couldn’t do this event without you.

Route Support –  WOW!  I’m so impressed by you. Super LONG hours and you arrive “home” with smiles and hungry bellies.  Like ARES, we couldn’t do this event without you.  Thanks for keeping us all safe

Medics – So…I’m actually speechless with y’all.  This year we had the experienced medics with fresh new blood and you totally rocked!  I feel honoured to know the cool kids of the event.  You look after everyone from blisters to sunscreen, sore butts to road rash.  You are an amazingly talented group of women and man.  Fingers crossed the new kids return next year!

Rest Stop – The one thing I miss every year is not seeing the rest stops anymore.  I always hear about the costumes, Nutella, signs and funny stories.  I feel like you’re a gang within the event and people are allowed in by invitation only.  You rock ever year and I honestly can’t thank you enough for keeping all the riders fed and hydrated.  

RMT – LON!!!  Your team were super heroes again this year.  Every year you bring the best RMT’s to Tour for Kids.  Thanks so much for returning every year and bringing a solid team.  I know many RMTs have been with us for years, it’s so great to see them return.

Photographers – Wonderful, amazing photos this year.  It’s so great to have an experienced team that work so well with each other and produce amazing things.  The photos were spectacular this year!   Thanks for hanging out windows and risking your life to get the most amazing photos!

YOGA – WOW!!  It was your first year with us and we enjoyed having you on our team.  Thanks for coming out every day, I know the riders enjoyed the stretches.  Thanks for supporting us and hope to see you next year

Mechanics – Thank you for coming out every year and prepping riders pre event.  I have to say, Greg kept us all entertained this year and might have gotten more attention that Sophie!  Thanks for keeping riders and bikes tuned and road safe, appreciate all your hard work and quirky personalities.

CREW – OMG you guys are the best!  First ones up, last ones to bed.  You sweat nonstop for days. You marked the route, found detours, delivered food and equipment to our stops, lifted heavy equipment all day, moved bikes…moved more bikes, set up and tore down stops…basically you NEVER stopped – ever.  You return every single year and you rarely � complain.  You are the foundation of the event and the best crew.  Thank you SO much for working so hard, it is very much appreciated!

All volunteers/Crew I really appreciate you taking time from your busy schedule and joining us at the Tour.  Thanks for pitching in and having the best “yes I can” attitude.  For the experienced volunteer/crew; thanks so much for returning every year.  For the newbies; thank you for joining us, I hope you return next year and every year after that.  

If you’re ever interested in volunteering in another province – like maybe Atlantic, please let me know.  If you’re interested in helping off season, there are plenty of opportunities at Tour for Kids, I’d be thrilled to spend some off season time with you.  

Time to sign off for now.  Thank you for your continued support and thank you for making this year’s Tour for Kids a memorable one.

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