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CANWARN or the Canadian Amateur Radio Weather Reporting Network is a volunteer organization of ham radio operators who report severe weather when they see it to Environment Canada.

CANWARN is organised in local networks. When CANWARN members spot severe weather, they send their reports to the CANWARN network controller who forwards them to Environment Canada's severe weather office in Toronto using either the special telephone line or the CANWARN web page. At the weather office, the severe weather meteorologist combines the data from the satellites and radar with the information from the ground to refine the forecast or prepare a severe weather watch or warning.

There are many NPARC members who are volunteer CANWARN members. Before they became CANWARN members they took a weather orientation course put on by Environment Canada. The course is held once a year. In the event of severe weather, repeater VE3RAF at 145.190 MHz- PL Tone 107.2 Hz is put into operation so that base, portable and mobile CANWARN members can report severe weather to the local network controller. Reports are then forwarded to Environment Canada. For more information, contact Brian, VE3BMX at ve3bmx @ or Peter, VE3HM at ve3hm @