Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club



Clipperton Island Dxpedition TX5P
Monday, April 20, 2015 - Posted By: VE3LVW

Clipperton Island is now active for approx 10 days. SSB,CW and RTTY will be available.

See the QRZ page for more information. using this link

Florida QSO Party
Monday, April 20, 2015 - Posted By: VE3LVW

The Florida QSO Party takes place the weekend of Aprils 25th. The 2 contest periods are 1600z April 25th through 0159z April 26th and 1200z-2159z Apr 26th.

Objective: For amateurs outside of the state of Florida to make contact with as many Florida stations as possible. Florida stations, activating as many counties as possible, work everyone.

Complete rules for the contest are available on the The Florida QSO Party website using this link

Field Day coordinator
Tuesday, April 14, 2015 - Posted By: VE3LVW

NPARC needs a volunteer to co ordinate Field Day. Some of the plans have already been put in place by the Executive but we need someone to organize the 'Band Captains', Field layout, Food duties etc. Please contact a member of the Executive if you are willing to take this fun activity on. Peter VA3WET, the previous Field Day coordinator for the last few years will provide you with some good ideas. NPARC will use Balls Falls Conservation area again this year. The ARRL Field Day takes place June 27 and 28th 2015.

Details can be found on the ARRL website at using this link