Niagara Peninsula Amateur Radio Club



Amateur of the Year
Thursday, July 2, 2015 - Posted By: VE3LVW

Congratulations to Kevin Smith VA3KGS who was selected as NPARC "Amateur of the Year". The award was presented at the June 2015 NPARC membership meeting

New Executive Elected !!!
Thursday, July 2, 2015 - Posted By: VE3LVW for VA3KGS

At the June 2015 meeting the new executive was elected and will be in place from September 2015 through August 2016.Congratulations to the new executive !

Thanks to all NPARC members that particpated in the election night !

Please note--email forwarding addresses will be changed to the new executive members in mid August.

Position Name Callsign Email Address
President Kaitlyn Mattatall VE3AUO
Vice-President Position is Open
Treasurer Peter Teminski VA3WET
Secretary David Jarman VE3RNF
Public Relations Position is Open
Bulletin Editor Kaitlyn Mattatall VE3AUO
Repeater Commtitee Chairman Eric Meth VE3EI
Field Day June27th and 28th
Wednesday, June 24, 2015 - Posted By: VE3LVW for VE3AUO

NPARC will participate in ARRL Field Day and returns to Balls Falls Conservation Area !

You dont need to be an experienced emergency operator, dxer or casual HF operator to be involved. Join us and come out and participate in this fun club activity.

It is an excellent opportunity for hams new to HF to learn about HF operating. Perhaps you will learn something new, such as: - setting up a (long) wire antenna in a temporary location (you may get ideas for future camping trip!), - portable operations, - logging contacts electronically , operating cw